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Lobstah Feast Friday At Rocky Sullivan’s In Red Hook

Rocky Sullivan’s is hooking up with Susan Povich and Ralph Gorman of Red Hook Lobster Pound who will be hosting their “Lobstah Feast” every Friday through the end of the year. Starting at 6 pm, $23 gets you corn, coleslaw or potato salad, a 1½-pound lobster, and dessert, first come first serve.

Last Friday was the inaugural feast. Susan Povich said the Pound teamed up with Rocky’s for several reasons, “Our business is in Red Hook, we live and work in Red Hook, Rocky’s has always been a great pub, and their deck is unbelievable.” She added that the owners “are real, great people, honest, full of integrity.”

We grabbed the only open table at 8 pm. There was a twenty-minute wait for everyone who followed. Jonah crab claws with homemade cocktail sauce ($14) kicked things off. The meat was cold, sweet, and fresh. You couldn’t ask for more.

Rocky Sullivan’s brick-oven bar pizza is made by Rachel Fitzgerald. She has only been making pies for a year, but this Dublin native has her technique down. Pies have a super thin crust, on point seasoning and great cheese-to-sauce ratio — there’s enough sauce to appreciate its flavor and mouthfeel in each bite.

“Pies have a super thin crust, on point seasoning and great cheese-to-sauce ratio — there’s enough sauce to appreciate its flavor and mouthfeel in each bite.”

Currently, the Pound gets corn from the greenmarkets at Union Square and Borough Hall — it was a tad mushy. They’re looking for a Maine source. Both potato salad and coleslaw had good texture, seasoning, and weren’t too creamy. As for the lobster, the tail was gorgeous: tender, juicy, and sweet. This was no fly-by-night operation. All the accoutrements were present (claw crackers, bibs, and hand wipes), which is a good thing because the lobster is so good you practically want to wear it. There’s also melted butter, practically unnecessary.

The Pound claims they season their boiling water with mirepoix and spices, “nothing fancy.” What juice doesn’t end up all over your hands and running down your arms pools with the tomalleys at the bottom of your container. The lobster’s freshness must account for the flavor because that liquor is worth drinking.

Jonah crab claw meat and lobster tail were combined with the pizza for a perfect bite. Dessert was a fudgy brownie from Baked. At night’s end, the Pound had served 135 fresh lobsters, all of which had left Maine just the afternoon before. “We are a mobile lobster machine,” said Susan. “We do all the cooking ourselves, outside in the courtyard, like a real lobster boil.”

There will be more reasons to attend Friday feasts during the months ahead. “We’re working on Fall recipes, bisques, pot pies, meatloaf,” Susan said. “Honestly the best lobster is in October, November, and December. It’s the peak catch for sweetness and meat per lobster. We want to keep New Yorkers eating lobster through the fishing season.”

Rocky Sullivan’s
46 Beard Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: (718) 246-8050
Subway: F, G (Smith-9th St)

This post was originally published August 31, 2009, on the now-defunct, James-Beard Award-nominated blog

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