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Like many Americans, I’ve been obsessed with pizza since my first bite, but I’ve also been writing professionally about pizza since 2008. My annual coverage of America’s best pies as a pizza expert for The Daily Meal have been syndicated by national publications and portals including MSN, Yahoo, The Huffington Post, USA Today and FOX, and my pizza expertise and writing has been covered and cited by numerous websites, news outlets and books over the years. But I’m not just the founder and curator of one of the country’s most popular pizza lists, my writing as a pizza expert has also focused on openings, and on pizza anthropology like investigating the poetry of pizza in Naples and the link between pizza and red pepper flakes. I’ve written about pizza in Brazil, Italy, and America and for publications including Rough Guides, Tasting Table and Time Out New York.

My former colleague, Colman Andrews, editorial director of The Daily Meal had these kind words to say about my pizza cred: “Mr. Bovino has selflessly devoted much of his life to the study of pizza. He knows pizza like Clapton knows guitars. He lives and breathes pizza, and of course eats it every chance he gets. He’d walk a mile for a Margherita. If there were a Pizza Studies Department at Harvard, he’d be its Dean and its Distinguished Professor. You do not want to get into an argument about the finer points of pizza style with this guy, trust me; you’ll just end up with mozzarella on your face.”

Call it an obsession, call it a problem, but if you’re interested in some of my pizza writing (and coverage of it) through the years, check out the sampling below:

Who makes America’s best pizza? A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
“You’ve tried all the rest, now try the best.”

101 Best Pizzas in America for 2016 For the past four years, The Daily Meal has ranked America’s best pizzas, and every year the same pizzeria — the legendary Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, Connecticut — has claimed the title. While technically it might be correct to say that the emperor has no cheese (Pepe’s signature pizza is a clam pie with “no muzz” [mozzarella]), there’s nothing wrong at all with the reigning champ 

Who makes America’s best pizza? A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
People take pizza very seriously. So we do too.

101 Best Pizzas in America for 2015 This is our fourth annual attempt to seek out America’s best pizza, and our third 101 (our first list covered a mere 35 — what were we thinking?). You know the expression, “It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it”? Well, we love pizza, but we make this list as hard on ourselves as we can. It’s one of The Daily Meal’s most compulsively tracked rankings 

Who makes America’s best pizza? A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
For many pizza aficionados, there is no debate.

101 Best Pizzas in America for 2014 Ask the average person who makes the best pizza, or read articles, blogs, and best-of lists by pizza “experts,” or wade into online comments, and you’ll find that there is a light side and a dark side — two flavors, if you will — of Pizza Opinion: The positive, passionate, all-consuming love for one’s own favorite cheesy, greasy, roof-of-mouth-burning slice; and the dark, fiery vitriol reserved for those who dare challenge the superiority of thin-crust over deep-dish, sweet sauce over savory, or any number of other fiercely divisive pizzalogical issues 

Who makes America’s best pizza? A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
Which pizzerias truly serve pies to seek out, return for, and be in awe of? It’s more difficult than ever to answer that question.

101 Best Pizzas in America for 2013 Pizza! If you grew up obsessed with it — postgame pizza, movie-night pizza, baby-sitting pizza, college dorm pizza, New York-, New Haven-, Neapolitan-, deep-dish-, St. Louis-, Detroit-style pizza, pizza! — and pursued that American passion for cheese, sauce, and bread with an adult fascination for seeking the best slice, the finest pie, the Platonic Neapolitan, then the idea of naming America’s best is likely contentious 

Who makes America’s best pizza? A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
Who makes America’s best pizza? The Daily Meal’s panel of experts weighs in.

35 Best Pizzas in America for 2012 Pizza! If you grew up obsessed with it — postgame pizza, movie pizza, baby-sitting pizza, college pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza! — and followed that American passion for cheese, sauce, and bread with an adult pursuit of the best slice, the finest pie, the Platonic Neapolitan, then the idea of naming America’s best is likely contentious

America voted on the best pizzas in America. Here are their favorites.
After years of lists voted on by experts, we turned voting over to Americans to find out what you think are the best pizzerias.

America’s 35 Favorite Pizzerias “Can’t believe you missed…” “Not one from Chicago? I’m afraid you are an idiot.” “Artie, you’re out of your mind…” Over the years, readers’ comments have strengthened the lists with nominations and even helped to add experts to vote. But this powerful pizza zeitgeist has always made us curious about what a list would look like as voted by the public. Think you can do better? We’d like to see you try. No, really! So this year, we opened up voting to discover America’s 35 favorite pizza places, according to you

Who makes the best pizza in New York City?A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
It’s hard to argue with New Yorkers when they can lay claim the title of America’s pizza birthplace.

50 Best Pizzas in New York As New York’s casual and hardcore pizza lovers alike will point out, there’s really only one place that matters. Hey, it’s hard to argue with New York when it can lay claim to America’s pizza birthplace: Lombardi’s, opened in 1905 as the nation’s first pizzeria. So while determining America’s best pizza may be a worthwhile pursuit, one The Daily Meal has tackled the past three years, the only list of pizzas real New Yorkers will ever trust is one featuring their favorite joints

Who makes the best pizza in Chicago? A panel of pizza experts weighs in.
Besides classics like Gino’s, Pizzeria Uno, Lou Malnati’s, Burt’s, and Pequod’s, this list includes pizzas from Nellcôte, Falco’s, Marie’s, and Piece.

Best Pizzas in Chicago Even those who love and proselytize the buttery, flaky, crust and cheese-and-sauce overload that is Chicago deep-dish style will tell you what you may not know about the city’s pie scene: there’s more nuance to Windy City pizza than cast iron and waiting half an hour for your pizza to cook. With so many pizza icons, determining Chicago’s best was extremely difficult, but this year’s panel of experts narrowed it down to 15 spots that were better than the rest

The best New York pizza ranked
The best New York pizza ranked

The Best New York Pizzas Our five-borough tour of the best New York pizza skips from legendary institutions to new-wave joints. Here are the reigning pies in Gotham 

Cornering the Pizza Market
Roberta’s and Emily Pizza will launch square pizza operations

Cornering the Pizza Market New York’s pizza scene is having a bit of a square moment right now. Roberta’s and Emily, two of the city’s most destination-worthy new-school pizza shops dropped news recently that they will start serving square pies—Roberta’s officially debuted its pie at a restaurant takeover at Humboldt and Jackson late last week, and Emily will open a sandwich and square pie spot called Emmy Squared sometime early next year


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