50 Top Pizza Releases 2017 International Pizza Rankings

There’s a new online pizza guide that is setting out to rank the world’s best pizzerias and while Italy is the dominant part of the guide so far, 50 Top Pizza representatives gathered today at Neapolitan pizzeria Ribalta in Manhattan to announce the top 50 winners across five different continents outside of pizza’s birthplace.

“This is the first online guide for pizzerias, not pizzas, we’re talking about the pizzerias,” announced Maria Rosaria Galletta, who translated the event’s announcements from Italian.

Parse that as you will. There’s a trove of pizza listicles writers out there who may beg to differ, but you’ll probably be hard-pressed to find any who will disagree that 50 Top Pizza may be the most thorough online ranking of Italian pizzerias. In attendance were 50 Top Pizza’s curators, wine journalist Luciano Pignataro (LucianoPignataro WineBlog), Barbara Guerra and long-time sommelier, master taster of cheeses and olive oil, Albert Sapere. The list was published by Formamentis and financed by a number of sponsors including Caputo Flour, Olitalia, Così Com’è and Consorzio Tutela Mozzarella di Bufala Campana.

While most of the awards will be doled out to pizzerias in Italy, it was the international (outside of Italy) results that were shared at the event, some of which are bound to set at least some American pizza experts, specifically New Yorkers and Chicagoans, talking.

Before the list’s methodology was explained, the event began with the curators offering a reminder that pizza was born in Italy, noting many actually don’t know that (it was unclear through the translation if this was tongue-in-cheek or they really felt it needed to be said).

“There are other pizza guides in Italy, but this one is different because it’s online and it’s completely free” asserted Mr. Sapere. “And there is a geolocation system that can bring you all the way to the door of the pizzeria.”

The curators reached out through their personal networks to pizza experts and passionates to create a panel of 107 people from all over Italy. Each was asked to submit up to 20 favorite pizzerias in Italy. All told, 900 pizzerias were nominated. The top 500 are being featured in their guide and were all reviewed anonymously by the panelists. While Neapolitan pizza may be the most famous Italian pizza style, Roman-style pizzerias, “gourmet pizza” (which they defined as pizza mostly served in Italy’s northern regions), and the pizzerias of Tramonti were also included.

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