A Quick Look At Eddie’s Pizza Of New Hyde Park

It is exciting news that Eddie’s is planning to plant a flag in Manhattan with a food truck that will sell pizza featuring par-baked versions of their signature cracker-thin crusts. Bar pizza goes mobile! Can you get a tumbler of Jack on the rocks with that?

Look, it’s not that Eddie’s is the world’s best pizza, but there is something about the quasi-matzoh crust that makes it a great pace-changer between typical New York slices. Given how thin it is, it will be interesting to see how everyone adapts to eating it on the run in the city. At the New Hyde Park location (that’s Nassau County, folks), the slices are foldable, so you could technically do the two-fold move, and walk with them. The fact that they’re not very filling may mean that the lunch move is the 16-incher.

In honor of the news, here’s a quick look at the original location.

“When people say cracker-thin, they mean Eddie’s.”

There’s a large parking lot in the back that often stars motorcycles. Inside, it’s dark, the kind of place that will mostly seem dark no matter what time of day it is. Unlike another New York bar pie institution, Denino’s on Staten Island, which has a large dining room in the back, Eddie’s definitely appears more bar than pizzeria. It’s no-frills. Sit at the bar, have a drink, and watch the game. Or wander towards the back and grab one of the booths surrounded by movie posters.

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